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Are Drones Ruining Your Life?

are drones ruining your life
are drones ruining your life

Drones Will Be The Next Debated Topic Like Abortion In Our Country

What exactly are we afraid of when it comes to drones?  The most talked about discussion concerning drones is privacy; which is a valid concern.  Especially after a women caught a drone spying on her in the nude of her apartment building.   This is where the issues have created such a mass media hysteria.

We should be afraid of people not companies

Many people have bitched, cried and complained about companies like Amazon and others trying to use drones to deliver packages and help use technology to enhance their delivery times.  People in forums and message boards around the internet have turned into lynch mobs trying to block drones from any use at all within the country. I can tell you now, Amazon and companies alike are not the ones you should be worried about.  You should be worried about the 16 year old kid next door trying to use a drone to record videos of your daughter or wife changing in the shower.  The companies trying to employ drones on a massive scale will try to use these these devices to enhance their services which help their bottom line.  People are the ones that will ultimately be the reason for its bad rap.

You see anybody can turn a $20 helicopter from rite aid into a full blown Drone.  Leave it to the imagination of the ill minded to turn the this technology into other uses.  So what are some of the bad uses you may ask that someone can use a drone for?

  • Hover over you while you are at an ATM.
  • Record Video and Images of you in open windows.
  • Stalking
  • Used By Sexual Predators.
  • Illegal surveillance

That is just a few of things argued on the internet.  But what about all the good things that could also come about from all this.

  • Faster Deliveries
  • Reduce Pollution as drones are usually powered by batteries in small/medium scale models.
  • Help Deliver Packaged Goods In Danger zones.
  • Police Surveillance in dangerous neighborhoods.
  • Live News Coverage In Hostile Environments.
  • Riot Control.
  • Scan for suspicious looking packages in high traffic events. (like in the Boston Marathon)

Final Thoughts

Drones will not be perfect in the beginning, but they do not deserve the negative press they have been getting either.  Drones are probably not a good name for them either.The name “drone” has always had a negative feel to the name.  A new name for these flying devices will need to be created that helps create a sense of trust with the masses.  The tech has been around a longtime but only has it been realized recently as a viable solution in both the commercial and private use.

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