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Why I Chose Mac Over Windows After All These Years

apple desktop
apple desktop

Choosing A Mac Over Windows Was Not Easy!

To those that know me, I have for a long time been an avid Microsoft Windows supporter.  It was what I fell in love with as a kid and as many fellow technology geeks can attest to; windows was one of the first computers you learn to truly appreciate on a grand scale for better or worse.  It was the platform that fueled the age of “Napster”, the computers that installed on pretty much anything; no matter how bad the hardware.  It was the operating system that allowed me to personally learn how to code and introduced me to Macromedia Flash.  Sure linux was around, but it did not support gaming the way windows did, or many of the other software programs everyone used at the time.

Then there was Apple, a company suffering after the exit of Steve Jobs in the late 80’s. We laughed at his return when blue, green, and purple apples came out, saying these were not “real pc’s”.  Longing for the huge black towers that hummed like mini turbine jets. We balked at the fact that a company refused to use what was the most popular processors for any home brew pc; Intel & AMD Processors! Utilizing some unheard of “powerpc” processors.  In those days if you had an apple, you were an absolute die hard apple fan, or you knew something people today only realize years later.  To put it simply, it was almost embarrassing to talk to someone about computers when Apple and Microsoft where in the same sentences, but something started to happen.

Apple Started Changing

Apple, after the colorful computers (Apple Flavours) were released started changing and I mean rapidly!  They started going to a more space age design.  Using Glass and White color accenting, and people started taking notice!  Some may argue it was the “Apple Flavours” that pinpointed the company turn around, but it was the ipod that everyone was talking about.  The iPod is what made everyone change their views on their fanboy rage against Apple.  Apple Fans now had something to cheer about openly and loudly, and they have been cheering ever since; with year after year of quality products since than.  But, my loyalties to Microsoft did not waver until the iPhone. This is when I started to realize there was more to the world of computers than what Microsoft had blinded me to for so many years.

Cheating On Microsoft With Apple and Google

I was an early adopter of the iPod, but the iPhone was my crown jewel briefly. I was sold by the allure of this “new thing” that seemed like it was from the future. Than I got to play with it and boy was it an experience that only technophile could explain. It was everything you wished a phone could do for years. It was resting in my hands like a new born baby.  I even purchased an apple iMac to match my new phone, that is how excited I was. This extremely expensive iMac, that still was not fully supported worldwide made up for all of it with its visual simplicity. The mac as much as it was beautiful to look at, lacked all the things you took advantage of  on windows. Besides these shortcomings, I had the mindset that I would never go back to windows again.

Than the Google Droids started coming out, grabbing my attention, along with the feeling that I may have jumped with apple too quickly.  A feeling that I made a mistake started to haunt me. I was immediately sold by the Lucas Arts Droid Commercials. I was torn though, holding out for the 3GS as the second iPhone was not much of an upgrade to me. iPhone would surely revolutionize the phone again this time, I was sure of it.  Than the 3GS iPhone released and was very underwhelming at the time when companies like google exploded onto the scene!  The third iPhone was a far cry from the promises that Droid was trying to sell.

So my short lived relationship with apple ended fairly quickly after the third iPhone was released, feeling as though they betrayed me.  This was reinforced every year Apple came out with a new iPhone.  To me nothing changed besides basic upgraded hardware and minor software tweaks.  So needless to say every year since the original iPhone came out I became more and more aggressive against the iPhone. I started purposely buying electronics that rivaled everything that apple stood for.  All because Apple did not change dramatically every year. They did not fulfill my everlasting need to have the latest and greatest on every new device.  I went back to Windows as this was the only way to truly enjoy my new android products and had not looked back until windows 8.1.

The Realization Many Years Later

Remember I mentioned that die hard apple users knew something the rest of us didn’t way back when?  I had that AH-HA moment not to long ago myself, actually a few weeks ago because of my wife and Microsoft.  Years after the first iPhone, everything in my life changed rapidly and of course it got more complicated and disorganized.  I yearned for something that simplified my life and for once to stay consistent.  As I became older , my responsibilities became more complex, I realized the tech I used did not help me accomplish goals, but frustrated me more than anything. Everything was disorganized, not centralized, so it made my mind scattered.  I really needed something that made life simple on an organizational standpoint.  To work with my life, not simply complicate it.

I had purchased my wife an Apple 5C last christmas as she had been wanting one for a while, but I consistently tried to sell all the fabricated lies I told my self to not buy an iPhone.  Needless to say she instantly fell in love with it. More than any other phone I have probably ever tried to sell her on. It was the first time I had seen her truly engaged with a device and she was extremely happy with her new iPhone.

It was not only until just recently that I had just realized something. She has not complained about a single thing the entire year she had the phone!  Actually she was more organized than ever. Whereas even with the “best phones” on the market, be it a windows phone or the android phones, I was nowhere near as happy or organized as my wife was with the device I had despised for so long.

Why I finally Came Back

Windows 8.1 ran an update, and caused a Side By Side Configuration Error, needless to say I had to reinstall windows again for the millionth time (exaggerated).  My Samsung phone, was so slow even with a quad core processor.  Bogged down with so many services running in the background, that the battery lasted less than half a day before the phone died. Bloatware installed on every update when they finally installed.  The frustration list could go on forever, listing every mindless task of troubleshooting, configuring, tweaking, and updating. I have wasted huge amounts of time and money since the original iPhones, on devices that promised to make my life easier to manage. It ended up being money/time wasted over the years that could have been dedicated to so many other things.

So what was it I was looking for this entire time you may ask?  An Ecosystem that both Google and Microsoft are still struggling to get right. After many, many, years of computer tech, I finally realized what all those die hard Apple Fans figured out so long ago.  Technology should work with you, not against you.  Its about making products that work together to make your job, lifestyle, and hobbies easier.  I have no doubt Google and Microsoft will get there eventually, but apple has it figured out already.  Now that I am older I crave simplicity.  Yes, there will always be companies that will release the newest and the greatest, but what is the point if it does not enhance our lives, to make them more efficient, and de-complicate the complicated?

I moved to apple, not because of the hype, but because they have the formula that fits my lifestyle.  A testament to the original iPhone and a design that has proven to last year over year.  My only regret is not realizing this earlier.  Yeah, I drank the Apple Juice and that shit is gooooddddd!  With all the things I do in my professional life, I do not need more complications to creep up, trying to continue to support products that are still trying to gain traction.  Google doing much better than Microsoft, but still lacking an operating system to centralize everything in one location.  Chrome OS is still very limited and will take a while before it becomes as mature as apples ecosystem of products.

So to those die hard fans out there that despise what Apple is about.  Know I was once with you, enjoying being different, trying to create a unique voice that stood out from the rest, but life has caught up with me. I am tired of advocating the turn around of companies like Microsoft.  Did I abandon Microsoft all together?  Of course not! But I will no longer advocate as strong as I once did for Microsoft Products.  The same goes true for Apple as there are somethings that are lacking in Apple products, but this could be a testament to windows training all these years.  My ultimate hope is that one day, technology becomes universal and that it works everywhere, no matter what company or device I go with. Honestly it is not the hardware that drives these advances in the future, it simply supports the sweat and tears developers put in day in and day out to make great applications that help make our lives simpler.  So to the developers & engineers that helped make Apple, Google, & Microsoft what it is today, I send you a HOO-RAH!

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