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Lawbreakers Honest Review

Lawbreakers is a FPS Shooter by a company called Boss Key Productions backed by Nexon.  Sure Nexon is not the Electronic Arts or Blizzard of the industry but they have a long history of games.  If lawbreakers does as well as the other games in this category this will be a large title.  But who cares about that right?  Let’s get to the review:

Is Lawbreakers Worth Buying?

Well for $29.99 the price is super competitive in today’s market with PC games going well above the standard $59.99 Market value.  This alone makes Lawbreakers a steal and you can reserve your copy today here: Lawbreakers Price.  Now even with that said should everyone pay $29.99 for this game?

Here is the honest answer:  No.

The game is specifically designed for hardcore gamers with very good keyboard/mouse aiming skills.  If you are used to arena style games, this game will be right up your alley and is well worth the $29.99 price point.  But if you are looking for an Overwatch clone, this is not the game for you.  Many people are trying to compare the game to overwatch and yes their are similar aspects between the two, but once you start playing, you realize very quickly how fast paced and chaotic the game can be for a casual gamer.

So In Short, buy the game here:Lawbreakers Price if you like Fast paced arena style games.  If you are a PC or Console gamer, that has a little slower reaction time, this game may not be for you.

Is the Storyline Worth The Price Tag?

Lawbreakers does a great job at marketing the game as if there is an awesome storyline, but that does not carry over to actual game play.  When playing the game you get no storyline at all. Everything from the random voices to gameplay have nothing to actually do with why these two factions: “law” “breakers” are actually fighting each other.  Game modes also make no sense when tied to the specific maps and how they tie in with different characters or factions.  This was a HUGE miss on bosskeys ability to elevate their game to the next level. Great Games have one major thing in common and that is storyline.  If they are looking for this game to be a pass-time shooter, they nailed it.  But when it comes to engaging its customer with a storyline that makes the gamer wish they were there;  They fall flat.

What is going to happen is that the game will launch successfully because of hype, but get boring quickly.  This is due to the game not tying a storyline to the gameplay to keep users engaged and understanding the whole reason for this game to exist.  It really is a brainless repetition of killing and dying.  If the gamer doesn’t understand why “the wraith” is designed the way he is, or a map dictating why the “law” is trying to score points against the “breakers”.  It is just another arena style shooter with different game modes.  Bosskey really needs to step up the storyline if they want this game to be successful.  If they don’t, it will just end up like every other First Person Shooter with a small loyal gamer base.

Lawbreakers Gameplay and Graphics:

The gameplay and graphics are done well.  The team at bosskey really invested time in creating each map and character to unique on the artistic side.  The attention to detail throughout is great and you really feel immersed in the sci fi world.  The overall polish is very well done for a studio that has yet to prove itself in the gaming market.  When it comes to hardware specs, the game can run on just about any current standard graphics card without any major issues.  On the console, players are rarely complaining about any FPS drops on their systems.  When using a Gaming Controller or Keyboard and Mouse you will feel at home with the standard key sets used.  Overall lawbreakers tried to ease the learning curve, so that your primary focus is learning the aim system vs trying to remember key combinations for each character class.

Will Lawbreakers be a Triple A Game?

The game will definitely be a huge seller out the gate, but I am not sure we will ever see a sequel to this game in the future based on it’s current design.  Arena Shooting games have always been popular and fun. The price tag makes even the most skeptical of people want to buy it, but I don’t think Lawbreakers will see the success that Overwatch or many other FPS shooters like COD have seen unless a few things change quickly. These games have the one ingredient that lawbreakers does not have; In-game story.  They currently have the “hey this game is cool” not the “I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!” reaction that game studios really want.  So it may have a triple A Look, but it is missing a lot of the Triple A Games elements that will bring it to the status of Fanatical Gameplay.

Overall Opinion and Review For LAWBREAKERS

Lawbreakers will be successful but it will not have the following they really need to make it a must have for gamers libraries.  The price point will surely help people on the fence but it will not break records.  E-Sports is something that has been mentioned and that is exactly what the gameplay dictates.  Arena style games such as Lawbreakers are perfect for this market, but the e-sports market alone is not large enough to sustain the company the way casual gamers can to levitate the game to new heights.  Essentially if a casual gamer does not care about the game as much, e-sports will suffer because not enough people will watch the streams to see their favorite characters used by the pros in a competitive match.

They will also be missing a huge chunk of gamers that buy video games that could care less about streamers, and care more about what makes the game so fun and engaging. The game in its current states is arena style. Besides great graphics and familiar mechanics, there is not much driving the game forward. Overall Lawbreakers will see great success at the start, but if elements like storyline are not addressed the game fade pretty quickly.

Do you think Lawbreakers will fall, even if it is in Zero G?

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