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Moto 360 Preview and Features

moto 360 1st generation watch
moto 360 1st generation watch
Moto 360 Watch

Moto 360 uses a Stainless steel case attached to Horween Leather. The glass is a Corning Gorilla Glass scratch resistant face, which accentuates the design of the watch. It is one of the most beautiful smart watches on the market and one of the biggest reasons it continues to sell out week after week.

If you have been looking to buy one, you can see if it is available here. Moto 360 Watch

Utilizing google’s android wear OS, it takes full advantage of the limited functionality currently available. Google in the future is looking to expand upon the features by the end of the year allowing the watch to function without a phone.

If you are looking to purchase a Smart Watch, the Moto 360 is the way to go! Currently at this time it is the only watch on a design aspect that truly looks and feels like both a high-end watch and a smart device in one.

Yes, this includes the yet to be released apple iWatch, the real beauty of this watch comes down to its classic style. Moto 360 protects its users from wrist grabbing which will be one of the biggest issues when the iWatch releases. Initial reporting has show that the iWatch will be the most stolen device in large metropolitan areas, compared to other smart watch devices.

The downfall is the larger than normal design for females. Traditionally female watches are smaller so it will look somewhat awkward on females wrists. So we can not recommend this product to our female audience at this time as it will look exceptionally larger than normal watches you are used to wearing. Eventually, the watches will be made in smaller more compact designs which we are looking forward to!


  • Resolution – 1.56″ 320 x 290, 205ppi
  • Display – Backlit LCD
  • Watch Dimensions – 46mm diameter by 11.5mm high
  • Weight – 49G
  • Battery – 320mAh All day (mixed use) and Wireless charging with charging dock included
  • Memory – 4GB Internal Storage & 512MB Ram
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sensors – Pedometer, Optical hear rate monitor
  • Water Resistance – Yes! ip67. Ip67 is “Totally protected against dust and protected against the effect of immersion up to 3.5 feet.”
  • Other Features – Single Physical Button, Vibration Motor, Dual Microphones.

The Moto 360 Has Already Been Released!  Current Pricing Starts at $249.99
What are you thoughts on the Moto 360 So Far?

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