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Review Of The CyberPowerPC Gaming Desktop Model GUA2400BST

cyberpower gaming pc gua2400BST
cyberpower gaming pc gua2400BST

I recently purchased a CyberPowerPC as pictured above from bestbuy.com.  I made sure to avoid the Best Buy Checkout Fraud related to the anti-virus scam.  The pictures of the computer on the website do not do this beast of a machine justice.  It is big and comes with one of the cleanest interior setups I have ever seen.  There are absolutely no wires in the interior as everything is hidden in the below compartment specifically designed to house both the two hard drive slots and the power supply.  It came with a pretty good asus motherboard with overclocking capabilities.  It is a little dated compared to the newest AMD boards which support usb-c and additional bells and whistles found on high end motherboards, but the board itself has all things you need in today’s gaming culture.

There are a couple of upgrades you may want to do, to really get the most out of this PC. This computer is a steal at the price point as it is but to really maximize performance we suggest these upgrades.

First Upgrade:

Upgrade the standard hard drive to a SSD Drive, or if you really want speed, add two SSD’s and put into a raid 0 configuration.  There is debate on raid itself, but benchmarks show huge improvements in performance when both SSD’s are raided together.

Second Must Have Upgrade:

Upgrade the ram from 8GB to 16GB.  As 8GB is sufficient for most everything people do on their computers it just doesn’t cut it especially if you are not upgrading the hard drives. This will improve the responsiveness of the computer while multi-tasking with applications that are open.  Ram does not speed up a computer until data is loaded into it.  So the more ram you have, the more you can do with quick responsiveness.

Should I Buy It?

The Real Question You maybe asking yourself is should I buy this CyberPowerPC GUA2400BST?  Or another question maybe, would it be cheaper to build it yourself?  When you breakdown the cost savings, the type of case, and the inclusion of a 64Bit Windows operating system.  You maybe able to build the machine yourself for a little cheaper, but anytime you add windows into the mix, it will always drive the cost of the build up.  For me I had the same back and forth notion of should I purchase this CybperPowerPC or should I build it, and when I configured it trying to meet the same quality of build as cyberpowerpc, I could not come close to the cost.  The another big advantage is you atleast get a warranty with a pre-built pc from a manufacturer.

Did The System Come With Bloatware?

This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to buying manufactured computers, but surprisingly not a single non required piece of software was added in, that is not part of the standard windows installation.  Even the Antivirus you get free from norton which is included with the purchase of the PC is not pre-installed.  You have to visit cyberpower pc’s website and request a license to download the software.  This made the boot up process very snappy, and felt like a custom build with the backing of a manufacturer in case anything goes wrong.

The Case

The Case is absolutely gorgeous, and built to be super cooled.  The PC Case is very barebones only having the motherboard bolted in.  There are no additional port or slots for a CD Drive or any other standard mounting brackets you see in today’s modern cases which is actually really nice.  It leaves the case very open allowing for maximum cooling.  There are vents everywhere for heat.  top, back bottom and front, and almost every section of the case has a good quality fan.  Truth be told, I have yet to figure out how to change the LED’s which are included.  I know they change color, but have not found anywhere in the manual on how to actually change the light scheme.  I am assuming their is a button or switch somewhere inside the case, but I have been to lazy to check.  Talking about lighting by the way, the LED’s provide a very warm glow, and look extremely cool.

AMD FX8350 Black Edition Processor:

The processor which is an 8 Core processor, which in reviews of the processor itself tends to run ver hot when not properly cooled. In the GUA2400BST you will not run into this issue as it runs a cool 107.4 F even under a heavy load.  The heatsink on this processor is not a standard heatsink either, lending itself to maximum cooling with a side loaded fan maximum cooling fan. It pushes hot air towards a venting fan which is located directly behind it..  The airflow to cool the CPU was thought out very well, and is one of the better I have seen without water cooling.  CyberPowerPC really took great care to ensure this processor had maximum cooling to provide a smooth and balanced temperature.  Performance wise you would not be able to tell the difference between using this processor or an i5 and i7 for real world use.  Yes benchmarks may show that on single core the FX8350 does not do as well but to the end user you will have no clue.  The AMD in almost every benchmark does show way better multitasking benchmarks but this can be up for debate as well.  In the end the FX8350 is still a high end processor and will provide great performance for your needs.

The Video Card:

The AMD FX480 is the largest component of the entire PC and does not disappoint!  Runs almost all triple A games on Ultra/Epic Settings without flinching.  Overwatch, Titanfall2, Etc, the all run beautifully and smoothly without hesitation.  The system is also VR ready so when you purchase a VR Headset, you can rest assured, this system’s graphics card will be able to keep up.


One of the most overlooked things about any computer, is fan noise.  The PC is not the quietest I have heard, but it is not the loudest easier.  In a quiet room, you can hear it humming away, but only when you are close to it.  Once you step a few feet away from the computer, you will no longer hear it.

The Keyboard and Mouse:

The keyboard and mouse are actually really good and I like the feel and build of it.  There is one major issue though, you can’t see the keys at all!  There are no painted on letters, so if the led which backlights the keyboard were to ever die, you will not be able to tell which keys are which.  It looks like a straight black keyboard with no letters when off.  We assume that most gamers know how to type without looking, but if you are a pidgeon pecker, this keyboard will frustrate you to no end.  The keyboard and mouse are wires, so if you were going for a very clean look, you may also want to just purchase a new keyboard.  Overall though the mouse and keyboard are a great addition, as most computers today don’t even include these in the packaging, so simply look at this as an awesome freebie.

WIFI Available?

Surprisingly the Best Buy Website does not state if Wifi Is available, but my model did come with both bluetooth and a wifi adapter, so not sure if this was just luck, or the new models shipping out from cyberpowerPC are shipping with this included now.  Since it is not a guaranteed feature mentioned, assume you are not getting wifi and be happy if you do get it built in.

Are Restore Disks and Drivers included?

Yes, but oddly they are CD disks, even though the computer has no included CD Drive.  So you will either have to burn the CD’s to a USB or purchase a portable CD drive if you ever need to restore from disk.  I like that CyberPowerPC still includes a windows 10 restore disk as many times I have had a hard drive fail or formatted a drive which cleared the factory installed restore partition. This is actually a huge positive even if the computer does not have a built in CD drive, but you can buy a cheap one here: Portable CD Drive

In Conclusion

The Cyperpower Gaming PC Model # GUA2400BST from best buy, it is actually a really good buy, especially if the price stays as low as it currently is.  If you are looking for an awesome computer that meets todays needs in gaming and performance, you will not be disappointed with this pc purchase at all.  It actually makes windows 10 an enjoyable experience.  You can learn more about the CyberPower Gaming PC GUA2400BST at best buy.

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January 13, 2017

Thanks for the review! I’ve decided to get one for myself after looking around about this system. I have one question though: I would like to upgrade the RAM as you recommend. On Best Buy’s website it says the type of RAM is DDR3 SDRAM. Is this true? Seems hard to find for PCs…

January 13, 2017

Any Standard DDR3 Ram will Work. SDRAM is widely available but the S in SDRam just means Synchronized, so this allows the ram to be overclocked. The system comes with the ram shown here on amazon: XPG 1600 DDR3 RAM What is nice is the system can also use mixed memory like ECC ram as well. The memory modules are at 1600MHZ . If you are looking for something like 32GB of ram, I would suggest these low profile rams from amazon: PNY 1600MHZ 32GB . Since the fan is side loaded on the CPU heatsink large heat dissipators on ram will block air flow to the cpu causing it to heat up a little hotter then it should. So going with a low profile heatsink as shown below should help with ensuring there is no blockage to the CPU heatsink.

June 21, 2017

i want to upgrade ram to 16 instead of 32 would PNY XLR8 DDR3 16GB (4x4GB) 1600MHz (PC3-12800) CAS 9 1.65V PC Memory Desktop Kit (MD16384K4D3-1600-X9)
work with my pc i have the gua2400bst

July 5, 2017

Hi Jake, yes this ram will work perfectly fine with the PC without a problem.

January 23, 2017

Appreciate this review even though everyone I asked said I should consider an i5 instead. I am, unfortunately, on a budget at the moment and just purchased this system. I will leave a note with my comments after my experience and will be looking to upgrade some parts like SSD and RAM, as far as processor and GPU, I have no idea if this can be upgraded later.

January 23, 2017

The I5 Does better in single core performance, but when it comes to multi-tasking and other cpu benchmarks the black edition processor outshines the i5 processors. As for future CPU upgrades you will not be able to upgrade it to a new generation processor without a new MotherBoard or AMD coming out with a new processor that supports the current CPU Architecture. AMD motherboards and CPU’s will be supporting DDR4 soon, which will bring an architecture that this motherboard will not support. Look forward to hearing about your experience with the system. I recently upgraded to two Raid 0 SSD’s and love the performance of the system with them.

February 5, 2017

I’m looking at this for another option to get a gaming PC this year. I’m on a real tight budget in terms of getting a new computer and I want it to be dedicated mostly for gaming. You said that FX8350 gets very hot when not properly cooled but the pre-built itself has already covered it. I plan to play Overwatch a lot but I was wondering if it’s enough to just get pre-built PC and upgrade the fan when I can?

February 6, 2017

I would actually hold off on buying as of right now. AMD is finally ready to release it’s new processors next month which will support DDR4 Ram. The processors are said to also be extremely competitive to the current Intel processors. If you need a gaming PC right now, this pc should be perfect for you, but if you wait another month you could get a much better processor with better single core performance. As for it being hot, I was referring to pc’s that don’t contain a proper heatsink, this desktop has a great heatsink on it. Even under heavy load, it does not get all that hot. Mind you I have not overclocked it either, so the potential is there, but since I plan on keeping this PC for a few years now, I rather not risk it, but it runs overwatch well over 90FPS without any issues. If you plan on just buying the processor and not the computer, just make sure the case has proper cooling and a realllly good heatsink. The fan is not really going to be the issue, but the design of the heatsink to distribute the heat flow away from the processor. For this computer though, heating will not be an issue at all.

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