Link Relevancy

Learn more about link relevancy and how to use it to help define your websites keyword relevance for better search results.

Link Relevancy For Your Website

As search engines matured, they started weighing metrics for ranking on many factors.  One of those metrics was link relevancy.  The most significant difference between link relevancy and link popularity is that link relevancy does not measure the power of the link.  It is a natural marvel that works by the power of linking anchor text.

For example, if I am writing an article just like this one about link relevancy and let’s say you love the articles and want to share the information found here on your website.  You would write your article as you usually would and link back to this article with links in your copy like this:

  • Learn more about what link relevancy is


  • Link relevancy and how to gain it

Link relevancy is occurring naturally in articles within the body of an article and reads naturally in the context. Helping build relevancy for your website even though the website may not have a robust link profile.  That is because search engines of today use natural language processing to understand what your website represents.

Link Relevancy Secrets You Should Know.

Ever wonder why it is essential to customize your SEF URLs, headers, and other tags correctly for link relevancy?  It is because these are further indicators when your site is being for relevancy of your page! That is why ensuring from the start of writing your article; you define the structure of your article from the start so bots can start to build relevancy to the page.

Why Do I Need to Care If I Want to Rank for Broad Keywords?

For many sites online, they focus on conversions, leads, email subscribers or some other conversion metric.  So, the more defined a websites articles are when it comes to relevancy; with an excellent relevancy link profile to the website, the higher quality traffic is driven to the website organically.

The use of broad terms is excellent as high-level keywords for your website but need to be supported by more relative style secondary keywords.  However, you never want to write one article in the hopes that it ranks for a broad keyword because the chances are slim it ranks unless you have a fantastic backlink strategy.

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