What Are You Doing Wrong When It Comes to SEO Ranking?

Having Trouble Ranking? DEVPROCB helps you discover what you maybe doing wrong

What Are You Doing Wrong When It Comes to SEO Ranking

One of the first mistakes people make when ranking websites online is focusing on the homepage landing page rank. Most usually abandon their blogs, forget to post updated content, or fail to expand their content further.  When that does not work, they start to throw money at the problem. Many of these websites never rank or fall below the expectation they set for themselves initially.

So How Should Content and Site Structure Be Put Together?

You should be writing content that makes a page worth sharing and linking to but also focusing on the UI Interface that surrounds your articles.  The more popular the articles are, the higher your domains authority becomes over time. 

Domain authority naturally grows as your pages start to become more popular. That is why it is critical for you to start sharing, linking, and promoting your pages as soon as you write them. 

What if your website is brand new?

Then don’t focus on promotion, ranking, or domain authority at this point.  Keeping writing daily or as often as you can until your website has a substantial amount of content that can truly benefit the people coming to your website.  No one wants to visit a 10-page website that looks half done, brand new, or content thin.  Once your content starts flowing in, so will your users.  In some instances, your content may guide you in a new direction on how to present your information to your new visitors.

A respectable number to shoot for is about 20-50 articles or blog posts per category for your website before you begin your outreach strategy. You want enough content on your website where it looks like some work has been put in.

How to Setup Your Website Like A Ranking Pro.

One of the easiest ways to develop relevance and authority for your website both internally as well as externally is the way file managers are set up with folder structures.  Your keywords should serve as subdirectories of the main website.  From there you add content to each folder which builds relevance to the keyword you are trying to rank.

Web Design is just a subtle way of creating advanced file managers or listing directories online in a visual way.  Don’t try to complicate the design. Make it simple for people to find what they are looking.

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